Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Hate To Be That Person Who...


sits at the window seat on the train or the plane. Granted it's a great view to watch the world zipping by at the speed of sound, but it often comes with a tiny yet annoying price.

One such case is when that person has to use the restroom so badly he feels like he's about to explode. But interestingly, they're 'stuck' by the window. As Nana would tell us back in the day,"When you need to pee, do it quickly". She always warned about the danger of our bellies bursting or our bladders not working. I never knew what a bladder was at 3 years old but I surely didn't want mine to stop working. I think this person in the window seat probably had a similar relative because it always seems as though you have to go right then and there.

Even more, I'd hate to be that person who has to then wake up or bother the other two or three people sitting next to him. And on top of it, they have to get up when he has to go AND to get up once more when he returns. Crazy, right?

What's even worse? Well, I'd hate to be that person who's in the restroom on the airplane during bad turbulence and gets the blue gel thing on their clothes. That would be really disgusting. No, actually having to ask the two people next to you to get up again while they cringe in disgust as your blue-looking Smurf self has to pass near to them. But thinking of it, I would not even like to be the person that has to keep on getting up every time nature calls you on speed dial.

Yeah. I'd sure hate to be that person!

This has been a certified random thought process by the author, Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills. Feel free to post comments, opinions, similar stories, and/or suggestions below.


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Meg said...

I also feel rude when I am sitting by the window and have to make other people get up when I need to use the washroom....buuut really, I don't feel rude enough to stop requesting the window seat. Because 1) when you sit by the window, you can sleep better, and 2) you get to look out the window without creepily looking over your neighbours shoulder!!

KC Kelly said...

Pretty sure I'm ALWAYS that person...and when I'm not, I ALWAYS get the "breather" know that person, the one who falls asleep with his mouth open, or the person who just got done smoking/drinking and their breath REEKS...FML.

michelle said...

hahaha i LOVE the window because i never have to pee on flights. i hate being the one who always has to get up. i warn everyone i fly with about the rules of sitting next to me :p

ps - love your blog :D

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