Tuesday, November 17, 2009

#2...I Hate To Be That Person Who...

orders a meal and then when it comes asks to get something else because that's not what he ordered. Though it is really what he ordered and he's just being a pain in the arse. Even worse. Imagine if it comes out of the new waitress' pay. I'd hate to be that waitress.

It's funny to always observe and experience how the waiter/waitress-customer dynamics changes depending on which restaurant you eat out or in at. Some places you know that the food is great but the service is bad. Yet at others, the food was so bad that you swore on your aunt's head that you'll never go back but the wait staff there made all the difference. It's as though you get the good with the bad. The yin with the yang. The Office with the Real Housewives of Atlanta (I'm yet to see them clean, cook or do any housewife stuff).

I'd hate to be that waiter who has to leave in five minutes or has to close that night. Especially when the drunk frat boys from the club up the street waltz in after the witching hour still drunk. And you're the one that has to wait their table. My blogger colleague, Nomad, from 365 Days of People spoke about a very similar situation and it is hilarious.

Actually, I think I'd also hate to be the person who gets stuck with the rude waitress. You know that person who comes to your table with the fake smile for two seconds or looks away pissed when you look at the menu? Or scowls when you ask for something else and angrily replies that it is not on the menu tonight?

Come to think of it, I'd hate to be that person who has to wait for ANY one to at least come to or recognize their table. This has been known to happen frequently at certain Waffle Houses and IHOP establishments. I'd hate to be the person who has to suffer this tragedy. What is even worse is the person who this message was intended for. Dang this sucks but at least the 'customers' (never actually got served or bought anything it seems) were creative and definitely got the message across.

Hmmm. I'd probably hate to be the person who had to clean that mess up and explain to the manager why the customer had to resort to writing this on the counter!

Yeah. I'd sure hate to be that person!

This has been a certified random thought process by the author, Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills. Feel free to post comments, opinions, similar stories, and/or suggestions below.

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michelle said...

i was just thinking about this randomly this morning. for my bday, 7 friends and i went to one of my favorite restaurants. our server was clearly annoyed to wait on our table and only did half her job. (she never cleared a single plate from apps to dessert or refilled our waters the entire night) what pisses me off now is that we were charged an automatic 18% gratuity, but we forgot and everyone tipped her. she made off with like a 35% tip that she totally didnt deserve. i respect servers put up with a lot of shit; half my friends have worked in the food industry. we're always super nice when we go out just for that reason. however, i also expect to get treated with a little bit of respect by the staff (except at dick's in mrytle beach; it's their job to sass you)

krystal said...

yah....those are all good people not to be!

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

I'll leave if I'm not experiencing good service...My opinion is that if you entered that work field, you're expected to treat customers a certain way, and I'm sorry that your other customers were assholes, and that you're tired, or your feet hurt, or you have gas, or whatever... but you're not going to take that ish out on me!

Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

>michelle: I agree. You'd at least expect some respect, maybe a smile or two AND some service after spending all that money.

>krystal: Ditto

>prettypacino: True. If you don't like being a server, there's always the job posting in the classifieds. Lol.

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