Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Samsung Camera Never Lies: "Mini Me Monster Truck"

It's not everyday you get to see this on the highway, I tell you. It seems I'm getting luckier every day too. Who would imagine? A midget monster truck, equipped with 'big wheels' and all!

Cars do come in all shapes and sizes. Then again, I'm in one of Nascar Meccas - North Carolina. People sure do love their cars and racing and driving here. I've never been a big fan myself except for my own 'pro-racing' circuit when I'm trying to switch lanes on the interstate or get around a slower driver than myself.

I haven't done much research on this vehicle as yet. But it sure beats having to pay for AC during the summer but in the winter, I'm sure the wind will be biting like a bitch. I do give this car some cool points though especially for the working, antique engine. I kept trying to overtake it to get some frontal shots but once again I felt as though I was in a semi compared to this car. Didn't want to run him over or anything.

What was interesting was that I was thinking how would you make out in a car like this at the movies? Or watch the rain falling against the window? Or drive through a car wash for a full detail?

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3 spoke already...add your 2¢:

LiLu said...

Ahahaha! That is HILARIOUS!!! I kind of want it...

The Peach Tart said...

That truck looks silly

Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

It sure does, Peach! Lol.

Hmmm...I think you might just pull it off and make it look cool, Lilu!

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