Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh This Pet Peeve Of Mine!

I hate my pet named Peeve. Peeve sure does piss me off sometimes. Peeve tends to do quite a number of things that can drive me bananas. Like his incorrect spelling or clearly obvious incorrect grammar.

What's even worse is that I've realized that Peeve actually has magical powers. Well, one that I know of for sure...

He can cause random strangers to imitate his behavior or actions. And I think that is what I HATE the most about my dear pet.

I thought that this was a localized phenomenon until I started seeing his annoying effects everywhere from Facebook statuses to Twitter updates to billboards to (gasp) official - well not so official after you had words like 'corrporation' or 'bnefits' - letters sent out by certain companies.

I mean either there's a flaw somewhere in the educational system which cannot be true (it's perfect), or people have just gotten lazy at writing. I tend to believe the latter, after all, when last can you remember having to write an actual letter? These days they call it 'snail mail' but back in my day it was cool. Just like it was cool staying up past your bedtime on a Friday to look at Night Rider (I think this is why I like black cars somewhat) when you were six years old. We tweet and facebook and text msg (yep just like that...message is way too long to write these days) every minute and all the time. It seems that unfortunately our advances in technology and communication means have been at the expense of correct grammar, sentence construction and phrase usage.

If I have to read another "I like you're profile pic...its really hot!" or "I don't give two shits if you want to get revenge to!" or "I think i'm can here don't have too shout!", I think I'll give up Peeve for adoption. I know we all get lazy sometimes, and don't feel like typing the whole thing. I even get the whole new internet short-hand language being passed as 'proper' grammar these days. But I think some things are classic and should not necessarily change like Jon's choice of "Kate" seems to do every two months!

I mean how much time can you loose by doing a mental spell check. After all, it's interesting that often times these words are actually misused rather than misspelled. This cool article I came across listed the 10 most misspelled words in blogs and their correct and incorrect usage.

Sadly, Peeve sometimes affects me also...dang I hate this pet Peeve! Aargh!

P.S. If you or someone one you know has been afflicted, affected, bothered or annoyed by Peeve, do feel free to leave comments or complaints. We will get to the bottom of this!

P.S.S. Can you find the word that is misused in this article? It's just one...I promise...hopefully...damn Peeve and his magic powers...

Last P.S.S.S. Check this reference out...100 commonly misspelled words...

4 spoke already...add your 2¢:

Anonymous said...

There are 2 really. :)

Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

Should be only one intentional one....

Damn you may have tricked me again!


Trouble.Thinks said...

LOL. Dam! I feel you're pain. This drives me bananas too.

Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

trouble.thinks: Oh no! He got you too! Damn that meddling Peeve. Lol

Yeah good thing there is a spell checker I use. Sometimes.

Oh, started reading some of your words. Good stuff!

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