Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Samsung Camera Never Lies: "Mum's Pansies?!?"

It's Fall once more. Great. This means colder weather and football nights. It also means Halloween, costumes, Snuggies, frost and pumpkins. As expected, these pumpkin farmers will also be coming to 'town' to market their harvest.

See, Brenda, I told you selling pumpkins would pay off some day.
         I know, Bartholomew. I just wish that 'day' didn't last for about a month each year, dear. Sigh.

Along with these sellers often come unique, interesting signs. I've begun to notice them all over as I drive. I suddenly noticed a field of pumpkins growing out of the parking lot next to Walmart the other day. Then another one three miles away next to a Chick-Fil-A. More interesting than the display of pumpkins are the signs displayed to sell them.

I saw this sign today. It reads,


I did laugh when I first saw it. It was far. I thought it said, "Mom's Panties". Then coming closer I saw it was selling Pansies. I thought who want to buy a pansy. Wasn't that what the bully would call people back in school? I thought this one bully called me that this one time, so I turned around to check. He said, "Not you, retard. The pansy." 

That's what I thought, better not be me he's talking to. I would have shown him! Yeah, retard not pansy. You take that pansy.

In other news, why did I also smirk at the last line? I guess I've never really heard anyone refer to himself as a hillbilly except on TV. Well, God bless the great state of North Carolina. My first time so far. And last time I heard hillbillies produced much more than just pumpkins or markets. Yeah. Like mentally retarded offspring of first and second cousins and between siblings who get trained to appear on Jerry Springer from an early age.

Anyway, I like Halloween. Sometimes it's because of the odd costumes. Other times it's because I like to observe how people prepare for and celebrate it. People can do strange things around this time. I'll be out there with my 'camera' looking for them.

Although my eyes played a trick on me, the real treat was not actually seeing anyone's mum's 'pansies' out in the street all exposed like that. Those things should be sold at Plato's closet or Goodwill instead.


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