Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Samsung Camera Never Lies: "Clown Car"

I haven't been to the circus since I was a little kid but seeing this sure brought back some memories.

I never got the chance to see a clown car or real clowns except on TV.

Who knew my luck would let me see a real-life clown car ON the highway?

I was disappointed when I didn’t see about 12 clowns in the window when I passed the car effortlessly yet I was still very much amused. If only you could have seen the big, strapping guy all choked up in the driver’s seat.

He definitely needed some leg room, shoot, some room on a whole! Did he steal his 5-year old’s toy car I wondered or Bobo the dancing clown’s get-away ride?

You already know I love driving! Automatically I think of fast, or even average, cars, sometimes trucks, and rarely SUVs. (I'll gladly speak my words about my love-hate-actually-more-dislike of SUVs in an upcoming article)

All of these, yes, but not this tiny clown car.

So intrigued was I to actually see one this tiny machine that I had to do some Sherlock Holmes’ work to find out more juicy stuff. I felt like a kid, who had a stuffed lion toy at home, and was now at a Disney World 'safari' finally seeing a real lion running in the 'wild'.

It's called a Smart ForTwo and it's probably the 2009 version (guess they ran out of cool names because this one definitely isn't). I'd give this car 0 'cool points' but that's just me.

This car supposedly ranks 27 out of 35 affordable small cars, costs between 12 to 17 grand, and has a 33/41 mpg rating (not bad).

Actual news press quote:

"The Fortwo's cute frame and nimble handling make it a very tempting choice for city driving, but its sluggish power is impractical for the highway. One of the best cars for city living -- and one of the worst purchases you could make for a suburban commute!"
I was afraid to get closer because my sedan was feeling like a semi-truck compared to this prank car and would roll over this ‘cute’, baby toy-car. I kept my distance.

Would I buy or even drive one of these? Yeah, sure if it’s free and I’m on my way to the circus with my face paint, squeaky red nose and big orange hair already on...

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2 spoke already...add your 2¢:

Anonymous said...

this is one small ass car mayne.

Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

It sure is. Imagine trying to drive slow downtown to look cool for the chicks..

Definitely not happening. Zero cool points.

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