Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pick That Sh*t Up!

I love dogs. They truly are man's best friend even if sometimes we take some time to feel them out or have a bit of difficulty getting to know them. I am guilty of this sometimes with my dog - it's as if I can't understand what's going on in his little head or what each expression means. But he's definitely a smart one, like most dogs, and some people even believe that they understand us far better than we do them. Cool beans.

I hate dog people. I am also a dog person and no, I don't hate myself surprisingly. As a matter of fact, I don't even hate all dog lovers or owners. Those that I despise and truly loathe are the "non-pooper-scoopers". The ones that feel totally justified to simply "let-the-shit-sit".

Never mind that this particular pile of steaming crap may be on the sidewalk, on someone's front lawn, in the public park where innocent children and toddlers play or even behind my car.

What is mind-boggling to me is that even in my luxury apartment complex where the lawn is mowed every two days, appearance is a big deal AND doggy clean-up stations are provided all over the place WITH bags some people STILL refuse to do the doo.  If I can bend my knees each time to clean up after my dog, then why can't other able bodies do it also? Or either hire someone to do it or train the dog to pick up after itself! But someone has got to pick that shit up!

I tell you I should start a neighborhood watch because even this morning coming back to my apartment, I saw this young lady come outside with her little brown and white dog. Sure enough, she lets him loose on the leash and he runs to the nearest tree stump and BLADO! There goes the poop! She then promptly turns around and groggily walks back upstairs with her headscarf and oversized sweatpants still on. I know her apartment number. Perhaps all I need now is a brown bag and some matches and then mysteriously leave a nice present of HER dog's poop at the front door.

When will it stop? Someone has got to pick that sh*t up! Aargh!

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